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Who We Are

East Shore Technology has been providing technical consulting services in various capacities throughout central Pennsylvania since 2011. When you hire us to tackle your IT issues, we have the skills and experience to provide competent and reliable solutions.

What makes East Shore Technology different is that we provide enterprise-level service at a fraction of the cost. We aren’t a huge corporation but we also aren’t a group of hobbyists. We are certified experts in our field with the tools required to get the job done.

We are 100% committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Your end result is our top priority. East Shore Technology is at your service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Certified Experts


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Our Core Values

1. Integrity

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all that we do, both professionally and personally.

2. Honesty

We always tell the truth—period.

3. Trust

We build trust with each customer during every interaction.

4. Commitment

We develop working relationships that make a positive difference in the lives of others.

5. Transparency

We deliver information on a “right-to-know” basis, not “need-to-know.”

6. Accountability

We execute our promises in a timely fashion.

7. Citizenship

We serve a local purpose by acting as participating citizens in the communities in which we work and live.

8. Excellence

We strive to be the best in all that we do.

Benefits of Choosing

East Shore Technology 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by our work. If your device or machine presents the same issue as when you brought it to us after we've completed service, we will diagnose the problem for free. If the point of failure is identified as a defective part, we will repair the unit at no cost to you. Guaranteed.

Certified Experts

Don't settle for anything but the best. Our consultants are certified experts with the advanced skills, knowledge, and experience to properly solve your technical issues. This also means specialized tools, high-quality replacement parts, safety precautions, and unparalleled customer service that you may not find elsewhere.


Same Day Resolution

Many of our services can be completed on the same day or even while you wait. The majority of our hardware repairs are finished in 1 hour or less. For other issues that require additional troubleshooting or service, we are committed to delivering results in a timely fashion.

Onsite Service

We typically perform hardware repairs onsite at your location which means you don't have the hassle of unplugging cables or taking time out of your day to drop off your unit. If you'd prefer to meet elsewhere other than your home or office, we can make those arrangements as well.

Remote Support

No need to interrupt your workday with extra errands. Simply submit a ticket and we can provide remote support to solve your technical needs without you stepping a foot out of the door.

Core Values

Our Core Values aren't just a dusty plaque hanging on the wall. We carefully drafted them with purpose and meaning. We fully embrace our company vision as a direct reflection of why we come to work each day.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve worked with other IT providers in the past but your level of service and commitment far exceeds anything I’ve received before. Thanks for a great job!

Theresa Lenkin

Extra Space

I’ve never really understood computer stuff but the tech who showed up onsite yesterday explained things to me in a way that made sense and wasn’t over my head. I appreciate that!

Christy Moore

EAC Solutions

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