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Is your computer acting weird? Are applications taking forever to load? Do you have pop-up windows or other messages appearing?

If so, you may have been infected with a computer virus. Sometimes you might have a virus on your computer and not even know it. Viruses are typically found deep inside the root files of your computer where they go undetected. Depending on the type of virus, this could either simply cause performance issues or full-on exploitation of your personal and sensitive data. It’s important to resolve these issues at once before they cause irrecoverable damage to your device.

Our Virus Removal Process



We’ll do a scan of your computer to determine it’s overall health and check for any suspicious activity, then diagnose any relevant security issues.


If we find any infections during the scan and diagnosis, we’ll remove the virus at it’s source and confirm the problem is resolved with a follow-up scan.



Once your computer is back to normal, we’ll review security options with you to prevent future instances of virus infection.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve worked with other IT providers in the past but your level of service and commitment far exceeds anything I’ve received before. Thanks for a great job!

Theresa Lenkin

Extra Space

I’ve never really understood computer stuff but the tech who showed up onsite yesterday explained things to me in a way that made sense and wasn’t over my head. I appreciate that!

Christy Moore

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